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Where wellness care is as important as sickness care-Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance Medical offers unique integrative medical strategies not easily found elsewhere.  If you are looking for a quick and effective treatment your best choice would be Peak Performance Medical where care is administered not only to prevailing illnesses but also proactive treatment is meted out for wellness benefits.

The benefits of becoming a member at Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance Medical offers the best of medical treatment in a customized tailor-made module.  To start with at Peak Performance Medical you have easy access to your medical practitioner without waiting endlessly for an appointment.  Here you are able to fix an appointment at your convenience.  How is this practically possible? It is possible because the number of patients allotted to a medical practitioner is limited to around 600 when compared to the normal 4000 patients that doctors elsewhere see.  So in addition to being able to get an appointment at your convenience, the doctor also gets to spend more time with the patient and is able to analyze the illness, query the medical history and arrive at the appropriate course of treatment and medication. About Peakperformancemedical

At Peak Performance Medical for a moderate monthly retainer, you and your family can have easy access to your doctor.  You additionally stand to gain a great many other freebies in-house and externally on several expensive tests and prescription medicines, you can enjoy substantially discounted rates.  Now isn’t this the best medical package available for you and your dear ones.  After all medical emergencies which are in most cases, unexpected are often a drain on the family finances.  At last, you now have an insurance free module that has you prepared for eventualities.

The Therapies offered

The hormone replacement therapy at Peak Performance Medical helps both men and women live life at their peak.  It is a much-touted myth that hormone replacement is only for women at menopausal stages. Another myth surrounding hormone replacement is that it is a dangerous therapy and can cause cancer; hormone replacement is not to be confused with drugs that have hormone-like effects.  Yes, those could be dangerous while hormone replacement is no different than taking supplements to top up falling levels of hormones just as you would do for vitamins.  The reason why cures are more effective when you are young is because the levels of the hormones in your body are at their optimum.  When you grow older hormone levels drop and it takes longer for any treatment to work.  Now that the benefits of hormone replacement have expatiated, you should not fear to have hormones infused into our system.  The doctors at Peak Performance Medical will explain the benefits of having them administered by injection or by pellets.

Class IV Laser Therapy is a popular and effective method employed at Peak Performance Medical to offer relief to those suffering from sporting injuries or chronic back pain, joint pain etc.  This is totally noninvasive and offers quick and soothing almost instant relief.  For permanent results, more sessions will be required.

The safest therapy with the least chance of rejection is the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy which is as simple as taking the concentrated platelets from the patient’s blood and re-injecting it into their body.  This is a very effective treatment for sportspersons’ injuries as well as for arthritis.  Arthritis pain is very complex involving several factors, and with Platelet Rich Plasma therapy almost all of the troublesome factors are addressed.

For quick and effective treatment visit and enjoy peak levels of health at all times.

Wellness care brought closer to you at Cincinnati

Are you weary of waiting for ages to meet with a medical practitioner?  Fearing the worst while you wait. Well, all that is now a thing of the past.  Today at Peak Performance Medical you can meet with your doctor according to your convenience … yes read again … you can meet with your doctor at your convenience.

How is this possible?

At Peak Performance Medical the rules of the waiting game are reversed.  At this wellness clinic, each medical practitioner has been allotted a limited number of patients to see per day. This means it is easier to get an appointment and the medical provider has more time to spend with you.  With more time on their hands, the doctors at Peak Performance Medical can give you more attention.  When you become a member at Peak Performance Medical you stand to gain several advantages.  Foremost among them being easy access to your medical practitioner.  You will be able to fix an appointment at your convenience. Isn’t that a great advantage?

Go ahead and subscribe to Peak Performance Medical

What’s holding you back now?  Hurry rush and become a member at Peak Performance Medical.  In addition to the easy access to your doctor, you also stand to gain several other benefits.  In-house injections, laboratory tests, all come for free.  External tests, MRIs, prescription medicines which normally come with an exorbitant price tag are now available at a substantially discounted rate for members of Peak Performance Medical. The subscription rates at Peak Performance Medical are highly economical - $ 55 per adult between the ages of 18 to 62.  A family of two with one child can enroll at a fee of $ 110/= per month.  The additional dependent child need pay only $ 10/- per month. For more details feel free to visit

Therapies available

The commercial advantages aside, the methods of treatment are medically advanced and have proved to be highly successful.  Here at Peak Performance Medical, the most modern and unique of therapies are available for treatment of varied illnesses and pains.  Most of the treatments are pain-free, non-invasive and have a high success rate in the minimum downtime.

The hormone replacement therapy restores the hormonal imbalance in the body.  Replacing hormones is just as safe as replacing deficient vitamins in the body.  You do not think twice about popping vitamin supplements each day, so why hesitate about hormone replacement.  The hormones infused into the body in pellet form are obtained from soybeans or yams and are almost biologically similar to testosterone as it exists in the natural form in the human body. The pellets are manufactured under the strictest conditions and conform to government accepted guidelines.

Class IV Laser Therapy is a pain-free therapy available at Peak Performance Medical.  All you feel is a warm glow penetrating the body and soon you begin to feel comfortable as the pain the area gradually fades away.  The number and frequency of sessions will depend on the nature of the injury.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is among the safest therapies available as here we are dealing with the patient’s own blood – segregating a concentration of platelets and again injecting them into the body to address injuries in the tendons, cartilage and even bone.

So why wait any longer, become a member at Peak Performance Medical and stand to gain the advantage of timely treatment not just for prevailing illness but also to enhance the quality of life with their wellness therapies. True to its name this boutique clinic seeks to see everybody live life at their “Peak”. More Info

Peak Performance Medical revolutionizing medicine with radical remedies

Just imagine that you are a sportsperson with several gold medals to your credit and you have a personal ambition to double the haul within the next five years.  Will you not be training regularly, following a systematic disciplined lifestyle and setting your eyes on that luminous goal.  For sure, that’s exactly what you will be doing.  But as with some things in life, plans, dreams, and visions can go awry and they can come cascading down leaving you deeply disappointed and demotivated. A single injury on the track may leave you incapacitated and injured for a long time.  It may take a lot of psychological and physical strength to rebuild that dream.  Now here’s where Peak Performance Medical can help you re-build your dream with minimum loss of time and practically pain-free therapy.

New School medicine for a new and healthy life

Peak Performance Medical is a whole new concept in wellness care.  Here the doctors seek not just to cure the sick but also to enhance life and lifestyles medically.  They adopt a pro-active approach in the treatment of the human body with some of the most unique integrative medical strategies which are administered with far-reaching success rates.  At Peak Performance Medical some of the therapies offered have proved to be a boon to the sportsperson yearning to get back into the field of action in the shortest span of time. About Peakperformancemedical

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

This therapy is one of the safest methods of treatment since it is the patient’s own blood that is being used.  The practitioner seeks to separate the platelets from the red blood cells and re-inject a concentration of platelets back into the patient’s body.  There are absolutely no side effects and no chances of rejection. This therapy has been found useful in treating sporting pains and injuries such as:

  • Hamstring injuries
  • Hip Strains
  • Arthritis and Osteoarthritis
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Shoulder pain
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Patellar Tendinitis
  • Sprained ankles
  • Sportspersons hernias

For the beauty conscious among you, there’s good news – platelet rich plasma therapy is not limited only to the treatment of sporting injuries but is also used in cosmetic adjustments.  Reinjection of the concentrated rich platelets into specific parts of the body has proven to be an effective wrinkle remover.  Rolling back the wrinkles and removing the ravages of age from the face, it effectively boosts your self-esteem.

Class IV Laser Therapy

This again is another effective method of treatment for sporting injuries and body pains.  It has been found useful in the treatment of:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Bone injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Planter Fasciitis
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Neurogenic Pain
  • Myofascial trigger points

Treatment is relatively painless and fast actingThe laser rays reduce pain and inflammation and augment tissue healing.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

This unique method of treatment has brought immense relief to a lot of people.  A slight imbalance of the hormonal levels can cause untold distress in your life and it is amazing how a simple readjustment of hormonal levels can restore your zest for life.  Infusion of the hormone into your body is similar to remodeling your body.  The old body gets a makeover and remains rejuvenated and active, despite your chronological age. These and other discomforts can easily be eradicated with hormonal replacement therapy

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual Migraines
  • Hot Flashes
  • Decreased sporting performance
  • Erectile dysfunction

Irrespective of what your ailments are and whether sporting or seemingly common general debility, a visit to Peak Performance Medical is sure to be beneficial.  For more details visit and fix an appointment at your convenience.

Reassuring Medical Attention at Peak Performance Medical

Do you have an unexplainable fear of visiting a medical practitioner? Are you morbidly apprehensive of the term surgery? Does the thought of having to undergo a medical examination give you the jitters? Well, all that will soon change once you visit Peak Performance Medical. Yes, there’s hope for all those who are fearful of going to a hospital or seeking a medical appointment.

Medical visits simplified

Peak Performance Medical is a unique concept in concierge medicine.  Firstly, here it is much easier to fix an appointment with the medical practitioner thanks to the modus operandi of Peak Performance Medical.  With a limited number of patients allotted to each doctor, access comes easily – you can phone, text, video conference or visit the doctor at your convenience.  Isn’t that a big stress reliever in itself?  Hold on there’s more good news.  Peak Performance Medical has on their rolls some of the most caring and considerate medical practitioners who have remarkable bedside manners setting you at ease and dispelling your fears of hospitals and medical treatment.

More good news in the offing

Peak Performance Medical has some of the most medically advanced therapies to offer.  Most of the therapies are non-invasive and fairly pain-free.  The therapies open new vistas in healing and several patients are more than surprised at the quick and effective healing processes.

Lover of Sports and an adventure seeker

Before going into the scope of the therapies here’s some more useful inside information on the practitioners at Peak Performance Medical. Some of them are ardent sports person themselves and love the outdoors.  They, therefore, understand the passion with which an outdoorsperson yearns for action and adventure.  They understand full well how immobilized and frustrated a sportsperson feels when injury and pain prevent him from pursuing sporting competitions.   Peak Performance Medical is, therefore, the place to go to for all hurting and injured sportspersons.  The list of sportspersons who have benefited from the therapies offered at Peak Performance Medical is long and illustrious, among them no less than the globally-acclaimed Tiger Woods.Clint Cornell

The Therapies

As one age, the body mechanism also slows down, changes come upon you that you are at times unable to explain or even accept.  Among the surest ways to ensure staying healthy is to eat healthily.  Equally important is to draw up and adhere to a sensible exercise routine.  This will strengthen your muscles and keep your body metabolism active.  Along with these two essentials, hormone replacement is equally important.  As the hormone levels decrease, it would be advisable to maintain the correct balance of hormones by therapeutically enhancing their levels.  Besides making you feel better, the greatest takeaway from this therapy is that the hormones will actually remodel your body to make it young and function better. Rest assured that there are no adverse side effects from this treatment.

Class IV Laser Therapy is another proven noninvasive method of treatment for lower back pain, arthritis, inflamed nerves, tendons, ligaments, cartilage etc.  A non-surgical drug-free treatment, the beneficial effects of this are almost instantaneous. Laser therapy stimulates the hemoglobin to offload oxygen at the point of treatment and enhances the blood supply to the affected area.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is widely used not only to treat sporting injuries but also for cosmetic treatment; it can effectively reverse the ravages of time and age, busting wrinkles and transforming the patient’s appearance and thus psychologically boost one’s self-esteem.

Visit for all your medical issues and you can be sure that you will be medically richer for going there.


Progressive and Proactive treatment at Peak Performance Medical

There are scores of medical care centers out there with several eminent doctors but how easy is to get an appointment at your convenience?  A great part of the hassle of seeing a medical practitioner comes from the frustrating long waiting line to meet with a good practitioner.  But Peak Performance Medical is now changing the way you get medical appointments.

What is Peak Performance Medical all about?

Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati is a wellness care center where unique and exclusive integrative medicinal strategies are used successfully. Here at Peak Performance Medical, the medical practitioner seeks not just to offer sick care but also wellness care.

For a monthly retainer, you get to fix an appointment with a doctor at your convenience. The monthly subscriptions are affordable and come with a host of monetary advantages.  For example, in-house injections and laboratory tests are administered at no extra cost.  External tests and prescription medicines, which normally take a toll on the family purse are available at considerably reduced rates if you are a member at Peak Performance Medical.  Visit to learn more about the benefits of becoming a member at Peak Performance Medical.

Advanced Integrative Therapies available at Peak Performance Medical

Peak Performance Medical has gone the extra mile to refine existing medical therapies and customize it for individual requirements.

The therapies used at Peak Performance Medical are effectively utilized to set right, both major and minor illnesses. The practices here are a boon to all and especially for the sportsperson and adventure seeker, who desire immediate, quick, and conclusive relief. Let’s take a look at what Peak Performance Medical has to offer.

The Hormone replacement therapy

The Hormone replacement therapy has done wonders for several patients. Women especially going through menopause often pay scant regard to their body and the accompanying irritation and hot flashes they experience.  In their typical self-sacrificing manner, they assume that in due course all will be well.  Here, it is particularly important for every individual to stop and realize that if they love their family it is essential that they look after themselves in the first instance so that they will be in the right state of bodily and mental health to take care of their loved ones.  A slight shift in hormones in the human body can greatly distort one’s behavior and mental make-up.  This can easily be set right with an infusion of the required amount of hormones which will dramatically reduce the discomforts both physical and mental that the patient was experiencing.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy is widely acclaimed by those suffering from chronic pains in the lower back, knees, legsand in fact in any part of the body. This noninvasive method of treatment with the laser offers almost immediate relief.  There is no need for surgery or continuous popping of pills which could have an adverse effect on the system. The soothing warm glow relieves the patient from pain.  For permanent relief, a few sessions in quick succession will be required.

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a totally safe and effective option for the treatment of pain and injury.  Although it is not essential to undergo laser therapy treatment before receiving Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, combining the two treatments has been known to provide faster healing.

Visit Peak Performance Medical to avail of suitable medical treatment for your nagging pains and discomforts.  You can be assured that once you are treated by the able practitioners at Peak Performance Medical, you will return home a different person, rejuvenated in health and a happier person for that reason.

Visit Clint Cornell at Cincinnati for care, consideration and a cure

Hippocrates, who is regarded as the Father of Modern Medicine, believed that science and logic worked together to bring about a cure.  Prior to that age, magic and superstitions played a great part in the treatment of any illness or disease.  Modern medicine has come a long way since the time of Hippocrates but the foundation that he laid lives on.  All physicians are required to take the Hippocratic Oath – in its original Greek form, it calls upon a new physician to swear by Greek Gods of healing and above all to uphold specific ethical standards.  Today, however, modern versions of the oath are used but the essence remains unchanged, namely – Do No Harm.

Modern Medicine and Modern Therapies

Modern medicine has come a long way from that practiced in the days of Hippocrates, medical practice has become more specialized and medical treatments have advanced tremendously, but the core value remains the same – Do No Harm.  Meet Clint Cornell PA-C who is associated with Peak Performance Medical which offers you a whole gamut of modern treatment and therapies.  Clint Cornell is among the more dedicated medical practitioners that you can come across.   Calm, composed, and understanding he puts the patient at ease at the very first meeting.  To find a practitioner who excels at his practice and at the same time comes across as humane and caring can be a rarity in this field.

His name and fame have spread all across Ohio and several patients come all the way to see Clint Cornell at Cincinnati.  Now isn’t this a sufficient testimonial of his medical capabilities.

Peak Performance Medical offers several unconventional and progressive medical therapies which give you a better quality of life.  There are times when you are not really ill but yet you do not feel 100% fit. You experience an unexplained lethargy and total lack of zest for life.  You are just going through the motions of your daily routine without any zip or zing. You just exist, you are not living life as it is meant to be lived.  Here’s where Clint Cornell can help you out.

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy
  • Class IV Laser Therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma

At Peak Performance Medical you can have access to these modern integrative therapies.  The added advantage is that at Peak Performance Medical these therapies are further refined for an even better result.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Clint Cornell does not merely assess his patients for low testosterone levels.  He examines a host of related probable causes such as adrenal fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, and nutritional deficits. The therapy is administered only after a detailed and thorough physical examination and laboratory scrutiny.

Class IV Laser Therapy

Why spend on expensive medication for a prolonged period of time, when the same relief can be obtained in a shorter span of time with less hassle.  It is an established fact that human cells respond to light.  Clint Cornell uses these photons of light to penetrate the cells thereby charging them with nutrients and the required energy to stimulate healing. The treatment reduces inflammation and enhances blood flow, bringing about a speedy healing and a dramatic decrease in pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma

This is another proactive method of treatment that Clint Cornell PA-C recommends for the sports persons suffering from injured tendons, cartilage, muscles, and ligaments.  Surgical procedures can be avoided totally if these injuries are treated before the conditions worsen and total damage occurs.  This therapy is safe and effective because it is the body's own platelets that are being harnessed for the treatment.  Clint Cornell with Peak Performance has gone a step further by refining the traditional treatment with their protocols.

For appointments and meetings with Clint Cornell Cincinnati, contact his office or make an appointment online.

Click Here For More Info

The Competent, Capable Clint Cornell at Cincinnati

Anyone looking for success in the field of medicine would do well to take a leaf out of Clint Cornell’s book.

Clint Cornell PA-C is one of those admirable personalities who combine top class professionalism with an innate humanitarian nature.

Clint Cornell is now at Peak Performance Medical

Clint Cornell is now associated with Peak Performance Medical and this makes access to him easier than ever before. At Peak Performance Medical you have easy access to your practitioner, given that each practitioner is allotted a limited number of patients.  Peak Performance Medical goes that extra mile to make every patient feel comfortable and cared for.  A boutique medical center it offers unique and innovative methods of integrative treatment.

Since each doctor sees only about 7 – 8 patients a day, the visits are well spaced out and Clint Cornell Cincinnati gives you value for the time you spend in his visiting room.  His altruistic nature, his genuine concern and his exceptional medical competence all combine to offer you the best medical experience.  Given all these commendable qualities and the progressive therapies that Peak Performance Medical has to offer, it is strongly recommended that you obtain a membership here.

How does Peak Performance Medical operate?

Peak Performance Medical offers not just sick care medical solutions but also well-care recommendations.  Through their intensive research and study, the team at Peak Performance Medical has come up with unique therapies with far-reaching medical success.  Before we go into the medical advancements offered at Peak Performance Medical, let us take a quick look at the commercial competencies of the arrangement.

For a moderate monthly retainer, you have easy access to your doctor and are entitled to several in-house complimentary services, medicines, and tests.  External tests such as MRI, CBC (Complete blood count), all master checkup tests come at a substantially discounted rate which would work out to only about 1/8th or less of market rates.

For more details on the subscription rates for individuals, families, and dependents you can contact the office of Clint Cornell PA-C at Cincinnati.

Unique integrative treatment offered

For the inexplicable, unfathomable, most bizarre of conditions, you can be sure Clint Cornell, will be able to lay a finger on the root cause and advise the ideal treatment.  Peak Performance Medical offers old style medicine in an entirely new avatar.

Hormone Replacement therapy

General debility is not waved aside casually, instead effective hormone replacement therapy is considered. Options of availing the treatment either by injections or pellet insertion are offered, the merits and advantages of both modes of administration are explained and you can make the choice according to your preference.  The effect of these innovative methods of treatment is wondrous; the change in body conditions is almost immediate.  So why suffer illness and fatigue when Clint Cornell can administer a cure that is quick and effective?

Other therapies

Some of the other integrative therapies offered at Peak Performance Medical include Class IV Laser Therapy a quick and effective pain reduction treatment for injured ligaments, tendons, muscles and the like.

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is yet again another safe and effective treatment for sports injuries. The duration of this treatment at Peak Performance Medical is much quicker than elsewhere thanks to the innovative protocols developed by Peak Performance Medical.

Depending on the seriousness of the injuries, the part of the body experiencing the pain, the age of the injury treatment can vary from painless to moderate discomfort.

If you are looking to live life at the peak, you need to look no further than Clint Cornell Cincinnati at Peak Performance Medical.

Visit :

Unique cures administered by Clint Cornell at Cincinnati

A pinch of turmeric and a dash of pepper powder in a glass of warm milk is sure to set the fever bugs a-scampering or place a cut onion in the sick room and you can be sure the patient will wake to a fresh new day without any trace of the fever… Yes, these are time worn remedies propagated by old wives and which may have worked to some extent. But with modern life bringing in its technological wake more complicated illnesses one needs more radical methods of treatment.

Enter Clint Cornell

Clint Cornell PA-C who is now associated with Peak Performance Medical brings to your bedside some of the most unique and sophisticated medical therapies which are sure to set you back on your feet.

A brief understanding of how exactly Peak Performance Medical functions - for a monthly subscription at Peak Performance Medical you are entitled to a whole bevy of benefits namely free in-house medicines, laboratory tests etc.  External checkups and tests come at a rebate making medical expenses finally affordable.  The fixed retainer you pay for your medical care, enable you to better plan your finances, no surprises, no unexpected setbacks.  Now isn’t that good news for you and your family.

Why is Clint Cornell Successful?

Clint Cornell is opento new methods of treatment and has successfully administered some of the most advanced therapies propounded at Peak Performance Medical.  He has chosen not to go down the beaten track but explore the vast potential in medical science.  Discomforts that you had imagined were to be a part of life have been reversed by Clint Cornell.

Understanding the sportsperson’s ailments

Clint Cornell may be a medical practitioner by profession but he is also an avid outdoor adventure sports person.  Brought up on a farm, he has an intrinsic love for the outdoors. Adventure and the outdoors can often lead to mishaps and that is a nightmare for the sportsperson and the adventure seeker.  Nothing can be more crippling than being laid up in bed wondering how long it will take you to get back to the great wild outdoors. Clint Cornell can empathize with these fears of the outdoorsman and has spent long hours evaluating the therapies that offer quick and sure relief from sporting injuries.

Curative innovative integrative therapies

Let us take a quick look at some of the unique therapies available at Peak Performance Medical:

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Class IV Laser therapy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

A lot of people out there may not have heard of these unique therapies, others may have heard of them but are too fearful to try them, here’s where Clint CornellPA-C changes your perception of these innovative therapies.  He is a man with a storehouse of patience who will lay before youin simple layman terms the root cause of your medical discomforts and suggest the best options for the issues.  He will patiently explain to you the proposed course of treatment, the anticipated duration of the treatment, the number of sessions that will be required and other pertinent details revolving around the treatment.  Once you understand how the treatment is going to benefit you, you are no longer fearful of subjecting yourself to the treatment.  On completion of the treatment, you find that you are a new person, charged with new energy and ready to race ahead in your personal and professional life.  So why forego living life at its peak when you have therapies and an able medical practitioner like Clint Cornell in Cincinnati to restore you to a full life?

A Medical bonanza-Clint Cornell at Peak Performance Medical

What happens when you have the ideal medical practitioner working at the ideal medical wellness center? Well, you strike it medically rich.  That's exactly what happens when you go to Clint Cornell PA-C at Peak Performance Medicalfor consultation.

Initial rapport building with Clint Cornell

Clint Cornell sets you at ease at your very first meeting.  He has a wonderful charisma that prompts you to have faith in his healing touch.  He is all ears to your medical issues and asks the right questions and proceeds to diagnose the root cause of your issues with little fuss.  His medical prowess knows no bounds.  Having him at Peak Performance Medical is indeed a double bonanza because at Peak Performance Medical treatment is not limited just to sickness care but also to wellness care.

Peak Performance Medical is a unique wellness center both in terms of commercials as also in treatment. It offers some of the best integrative unique uncommon methods of treatment for some of the most common every day uneasiness and discomforts.  Insomnia, general fatigue, lowered sex drive and the like … discomforts which you may think are a routine part of life and which you need to live with.  No, you are sadly mistaken here.  Any discomfort can be set right with the advanced medical treatments administered by Clint Cornell at Peak Performance Medical in Cincinnati.

How does Peak Performance Medical work?

Membership at Peak Performance Medical entitles you to easy access to your doctor.  Each practitioner at Peak Performance Medical sees a limited number of patients each day – this naturally means that the practitioner has more time for those he does see. Given Clint Cornell’s altruistic nature, he utilizes this time to the optimum to hear you out on all your discomforts and advise the correct remedial procedure.  The access to your doctor like never before is one of the greatest benefits that Peak Performance Medical has to offer. Besides the ease of getting an appointment at your convenience, you are also able to reach your healthcare provider over phone, email or video conference facilities.

Treatment administered by Clint Cornell

Commercials aside, the methods of treatment are advanced and proactive.  Your problems can be nipped in the bud before they mature uncontrollably. Unique uncommon methods of integrative treatment administered by Clint Cornell have proved to be highly successful.

The Testosterone replacement therapy is among the most popular of the treatments offered at Peak Performance Medical. A slight imbalance in hormones can cause a great deal of imbalance in your daily life.  Now that science offers you the opportunity to set right this balance by inserting or injecting the required amount of hormones into your body, why not avail of it to set your life back in order.  Clint Cornell PA-C will advise you on the benefits and mode of this treatment which is highly effective and painless in administration.

Several other innovative treatments are available at Peak Performance Medical, including Class IV laser therapy which is far superior to the laser treatment generally available in the market.  At Peak Performance Medical with the right protocols, this therapy has been perfected to avoid all side effects.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is yet another advanced and beneficial method of treatment with no side effects but with far-reaching success for sports injuries.

To conclude

Clint Cornell is the practitioner to visit for all your medical challenges, be they major or minor, for he has the talent and the infrastructure at Peak Performance Medical to set you on the path to good health.

The personification of care and compassion-Clint Cornell PA-C

The history of medicine is a long and interesting one. Shamans and medicine men used herbs, roots, potions, decoctions and a host of related medicinal plants to cure ailments and illnesses.  The difference between ancient and modern medicine is that today medicine has adopted a proactive approach and seeks not merely to cure an existing illness but takes initiatives to ensure a condition does not arise.

Peak Performance Medical at Cincinnati

The name of the clinic is eponymous – the intent is that each of the patients at Peak Performance Medical lives life at his or her peak.  Peak Performance Medical offers customized medical solutions to its patients and foremost among its practitioners is Clint Cornell PA-C.  Being a sports enthusiast and an adventure seeker himself, he is well aware of the ailments and injuries that sports persons fall victim to.  He also understands the burning passion within each of them to get back on the track or to the trek and the annoyance they undergo when immobilized.

This is the reason that Clint Cornell advocates some of the most unique and fast healing therapies at Peak Performance Medical.

Clint Cornell – PA-C – embodiment of compassion

One of the most noteworthy aspects of this medical practitioner is his ability to put you at ease at your very first session.  The rapport that he establishes with his body language and listening ear is highly commendable.  Patients are put at ease and confide all their medical problems in him in totality.

Therapies available at Peak Performance Medical

Having understood the patient’s medical challenges, Clint Cornell Cincinnati recommends the most suited therapy.  Seemingly common day issues such as fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes, menstrual migraines, and mental fogginess are taken seriously and effectively treated with hormone replacement therapy.  The right amount of hormones are administered either by injection or pellets or after the course of treatment, the patient feels a bursting joie de vivre and zest for life.  Therefore whatever be your medical problem, do not try self-treatment or dismiss it as a mild irritant which will go away on its own or which you will learn to live with.  Instead, approach Peak Performance Medical for a quick and effective solution.

Class IV Laser Therapy is another innovative treatment administered at Peak Performance medical.  While conventional laser treatment produces up to 100 watts of power, Clint Cornell employs only 15 watts of power when using Class IV Therapeutic Laser therapy.  It is, therefore, possible to administer more sessions within a shorter duration of time, the more frequent administration of the sessions means a quicker and faster healing period. So there you are safer and quicker treatment for you at Peak Performance Medical.

The protocols deployed for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is among the safest and surest. As Clint Cornell will patiently explain to you the side effects of this treatment are non-existent as it is the patient’s own plasma that is being re-injected into the body.  This treatment has proved very popular among sportspersons owing to the quick and sure relief it offers for sports injuries.

Benefits of becoming a Peak Performance Member

Peak Performance Medical offers you customized medical treatment for a monthly retainer.  You can do away with the hassles of insurance and enjoy the benefits of complimentary in-house services and high discounts on several external tests, such as MRIs, prescription medicines etc. Above all the biggest advantage is the easy access to practitioners especially Clint Cornell at Cincinnati.

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